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Eye specialist In Phagwara | Best Eye Doctors in Punjab

Eye specialist In Phagwara, Best Eye Doctors in Punjab: Mitra Eye Hospital was established in 1995 by Dr. H Mitra. The hospital has now expanded and is housed in a central location of Phagwara ,Punjab. Now Our hospital “A centre for Total Eye Care under one roof” is the Biggest Eye Hospital in Punjab. Our hospital has a very unique background.

The hospital has recorded the most successful eye treatment procedures and complex surgeries. This hospital has undergone a number of transitions, moving from one stage of development to the next and one technology to another.



We are Committed To

  • Attract endless support from donations, which are aimed at financing all vibrant amenities.
  • Update all the important equipment of all the major sectors of the hospital.
  • Increasing the availability of all the specialised facilities.
  • Expand the rehabilitation services for all patients with poor vision.

In summary, Mitra Eye Hospital has transformed into an outstanding figure as far as eye treatment and eye surgeries are concerned. The modern technology employed in the hospital has resulted in high-quality service delivery.