Stellaris MICS Vision Enhancement System - Safe, Efficient, Easy to Use

Stellaris MICS Vision Enhancement System is the next generation of phaco surgical systems which is designed to improve efficacy and patient’s expectations. Through Stellaris MICS, it makes it easier to perform the standard or micro-incision cataract surgery (MICS). The technological improvement you are looking for is possible with this. Indeed, no machine can deliver the results as it does.

Stellaris MICS

What are the major components of the machine?

It has 4 main components which include:

  • Advanced hardware which improves the control mechanism
  • VFM StableChamber® Tubing designed – Helps to control and stabilize flow in MICS High Vacuum methods.
  • Customizable software settings increase performance.
  • Responsive fluidics and Digiflow™ – It contains pressurized Infusion Shown which enhances the chamber stability.

What does a digiflow pressurized infusion do?

  • Improved chamber stability with Digiflow
  • Better control of infusion flow – Minimizing IOP fluctuations
  • Easy learning curve and use

Effectiveness and Improved Results

  • Easy and flexible: Through this, it makes the surgery easy to use and flexible. Through this, the surgeon will choose 1.8mm biaxial B-MICS or 1.8 mm coaxial C-MICS surgery.
  • Vacuum control: Due to the equalizing fluidics modules, it helps the surgeon to choose the vacuum or flow control.
  • Display Screen: The attached HD-touchScreen display and Bluetooth wireless foot pedal will bring in more effectiveness. All in all, it improves surgical time.
  • Smaller incision: Through the updated technology, it helps in bringing ineffectiveness, and most importantly smaller incision is required.
  • Less painful: There is no need to fear about the procedure, as the pain will be less because of updated technology. You will be comfortable throughout the treatment.
  • Faster recovery: With smaller incisions, comes minimal downtime which means patients can get to their normal working regime on time.
  • Reduced endothelial cell loss: With the updated and modern technology, it reduces endothelial cell loss during surgery. In addition, the chances of astigmatism are also reduced following surgery.

This innovative technology will reduce the amount of light that enters the eyes. As it can easily balance the cutting process mechanically and acoustic cavitation to take out the nucleus.

Allegretto Wave 400

At Mitra Eye Hospital – keep up with the technology as this is what helps in dealing with many eye problems. The surgical laser customized vision brings in accuracy and safety along with taking less time to correct the issue. Most importantly, the after-effects are reduced with these innovative techniques. It has several safety features that improve the patient’s vision and it includes the following:
Allegretto Wave 400

  • Smart Energy Control: With this, each laser pulse is checked at least 3 times before letting it go to the cornea. In case it is not at the desired level before it reaches the checkpoints then the delivering pulse will be adjusted on its own.
  • Fast Eye-tracking: Eye movements are followed by 3 infrared sources which are independent and their speed is around 200 times per second. This is for every laser pulse which is given. The system technology is too advanced that even a 4 to 6 ms of eye shift will be reacted upon. The laser pulse will eliminate the chance of anything which can affect the cornea.
  • Wavefront-Optimization: Automated mechanisms help to know the preoperative corneal shape depending on every patient. This way, it can correct the issue of farsightedness, nearsightedness and even keeps the cornea natural curve after treatment.
    One of the studies has shown that ALLEGRETTO WAVE – First Laser which reduces the postoperative glare needed there as compared to earlier. 
  • Non-Overlapping Pulses: With the laser’s internal computer monitor the precise location of each pulse will be seen which is being put in the eye. This way, each eye will get the laser without reducing the chances of heating effects that can occur in the eyes.

Intralase femtosecond

Femtosecond laser surgery – ‘Most advanced option’ used at Mitra Eye hospital for laser refractive surgery. This surgical approach provides the best results and this is the reason our eye doctor uses it.

What is an Intralase femtosecond?

An Intralase femtosecond is a surgical procedure that allows no use of a blade as a surgical instrument for any eye surgery. Ultra-fast femtosecond laser makes a thin flap in the cornea and excimer laser reshapes the corneal tissues to rectify vision. It makes it possible for many patients to undergo surgery which was not possible earlier due to thin cornea cover. The results of Intralase femtosecond surgery are satisfactory in every way as people in maximum cases report better vision even in low or dim light, and many also score 20/20.

Intralase femtosecond

Femtosecond Laser

The femtosecond, called by some people by mistake the femtosecond, is a unit of time. It refers to the speed of the laser we use in Intra Laser operations.

At Mitra Eye Hospital, we perform refractive surgery through this innovative femtosecond laser to correct the eye disorders like:

  • Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism

Thanks to the advanced and improved technology, the patients can have peace of mind and will get successful results. The best part is that it creates the perfect flap which is based on the thickness, size, morphology, and orientation which is correctly programmed into the computer. This is the reason, treatment is done safely, and afterward, there is less recovery time.

Moreover, the adverse effects are reduced like dry eye. In addition, those who were not the ideal candidates of LASIK due to the high refractive error or low corneal thickness can now make the most of this through advanced technology.

Final thoughts

At Mitra Eye Hospital, we only offer those treatment options which bring in efficacy and address the patient’s concerns. All the technologies we have are safe and allow the patient to get back to their home & take on the world with a new zeal ‘In a few hours. If you have any eye problem, looking for a multi-specialty eye care centre, you are at the right place. Book your initial consultation at the earliest and you will get the ‘QUALITY Eye Care’ from the best team of eye specialists.